Planning a party, wedding or event in the Bakersfield area? Our facility has 10,000 square feet of meeting and event space and can accommodate 300 people. It is available for rental for a wide range of events! A Facility Request Form MUST be completed in order to consider your request to use our facilities. Forms are also available in the Open Door office at 4401 Ride Street. Please contact our Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Foutz, directly at 661.699.7567 for rental fees or any additional questions.


The applicant, the organization and each of its officers shall be responsible for the enforcement of, and compliance with these rules and regulations.

Prior to Rental:

  1. Reservations must be made at least 3 weeks in advance. Reservations must be in writing using the Facility Request Form provided by Open Door Fellowship.
  2. Open Door wishes to have its facilities used for the Glory of God in our church and in our community. The church facilities will be made available for rental to groups outside the church, however, these groups are to understand that changes in church schedules may cause previous arrangements for the use of facilities to be rescheduled or cancelled. Notification will be made in advance should this occur. Use of the facilities must not interfere with Church activity and special arrangements must be made if the Church facilities are used on Saturday after it has been cleaned and set up for Sunday Worship Gatherings.
  3. A non-refundable security deposit may be required to rent facilities. This will be determined by type of use.
  4. Any payment of rent is due one week prior to event. The organization or individual is responsible for the cost of cleanup associated with the event. Cost of custodial services and cleanup will be added to the contract.
  5. Use of Open Door owned Equipment must be approved in advance.
  6. Expected media coverage must be submitted to and approved by Open Door in advance of the usage.
  7. Arrangements for entertainment or music must be approved by Open Door.
  8. Use of Café’ appliances, including coffee maker, must be pre-approved on Facility Request Form and any appropriate instruction must be sought prior to day of usage.
  9. Arrangements for special set up and/or decorations must be preapproved by Open Door.
  10. All food and non-food items stored in the café and/or refrigerator and freezer must be clearly marked with event or a name and removed immediately after event.
  11. The name of the Church shall not be used as an endorsement.

During Usage:

  1. Usage is restricted to the specific facilities approved on the Facility Request Form
  2. Children and youth and all attendees must be supervised at all times by an adult representative of the Renter.
  3. Removing or moving of Open Door owned Equipment/Supplies/Items may only be done with prior permission. Use of Open Door owned Equipment/Supplies must be must be returned to proper place and in clean condition.
  4. User must report, and pay for, any equipment or property damage.
  5. There shall be no smoking inside any of the facilities and the use of any illegal drugs of any kind are prohibited anywhere on the premises.
  6. No tape, pushpins, tacks, staples or other fasteners are allowed on any walls, doors, seats or other building surface without pre-approval.
  7. When events involve food, please take all trash and recycling to the appropriate outside container. Please also take all leftover food with you.
  8. Café must be left in clean condition with all used items properly washed, wiped, and/or put away.
  9. Any personal or group property left on the church premises shall be at renters risk and only with prior permission.
  10. Any consumables such as cups, snacks, napkins, etc. must be provided by the Renter. Open Door will not supply these items.

Additional Information:

  1. Reservations may not be reassigned or sublet to any individual or group.
  2. Open Door reserves the right to refuse rental to anyone.
  3. Open Door may rescind or modify any part of the Rental Agreement at any time.
  4. No hazardous, unsafe or illegal activity is permitted on the premises.
  5. No hazardous materials of any kind are allowed on the premises, without prior written approval of Open Door, including but not limited to fireworks, hazardous chemicals, explosives devices.
  6. Open Door reserves the right to require private security to be hired by Renters for use of the facility